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Olin Hall

Olin Hall is where most mathematics and humanities classes take place. Olin Hall is also home to the Sheehan Art Gallery and an auditorium.

920 E Isaacs, Walla Walla, WA



Upcoming Events

 Let's Get Tropical! (with Moduli Spaces of Curves)

Our own Andy Fry will talk about tropical mathematics. Tropical mathematics replaces addition (a+b) with taking the minimum (min{a,b}) and multiplication...

2/6 4 pm
An Ultrasonic Brain-Computer Interface: Using Math and Sound to Listen to the Brain

Whitney Griggs, a Caltech MD-PhD candidate and Josephine de Karman Fellow, will discuss ways to apply the mathematical sciences in biomedical career paths,...

2/13 4 pm
AIA lecture series (watch party): A Small Maritime World in Western Cyprus -- Yeronisos Island, Maniki Harbor, & Cape Drepanum

Lecturer: Joan Connelly (New York University) Sponsored by: Archaeological Institute of America, Walla Walla Society Come join us for a watch party of...

2/21 7 pm
Portrait of Joshua Reid

The Bierman Lecture will be given by Joshua Reid, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies and of History and Director of the Center for the Study of...

2/27 7 pm
Musical Inclusion and the Unheard Terms of DEI Work

In this talk, Dr. Harrison will discuss various ways in which sound—most notably associations between types of music and distinct racial...

3/2 7 pm

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Olin Hall

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