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Olin Hall is where most mathematics and humanities classes take place. Olin Hall is also home to the Sheehan Art Gallery and an auditorium.

920 E Isaacs, Walla Walla, WA



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close-up image of the ground, with broken ceramic fragments and the edge of a notebook and pen

Today, there are about 12,000 archaeologists working in the US with less than 10 percent of them employed by universities. While university anthropology and...

1/24/2024 5 pm
AIA lecture series (Bader Lecture): Rhodora Vennarucci. “Socci And Sociability: Shopping For Status In A Roman Shop”

This talk applies a Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and phenomenological approach to the Felt Shop of Verecundus (IX.7.5-7) from Pompeii. This shop sold fine...

2/17/2024 2 pm
photo showing an underwater archaeologist in scuba gear lifting a large, flat piece of marble

This talk will share the latest research on underwater excavations of an ancient (1st century BCE) cargo-ship, which was carrying architectural marble when...

4/17/2024 5 pm

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