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Off-Campus Studies at Whitman College aims to develop in its students intercultural skills and global understanding for a lifetime of leadership.

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New Zealand and Whitties!

Fall 2019 OCS Returnees are invited to a special dinner celebration where fantastic food is served and great stories are shared!

1/28 5 pm
Deadline | OCS 2020FA Application

Students who are planning to participate on a FALL 2020 Study Abroad program including Sea Semester or National Theatre Institute must have Whitman...

2/6 8:30 am
Wa Semester & TPC | 2020FA Application Deadline

OCS Application deadline for Washington Semester Program and The Philadelphia Center (TPC) for FALL 2020 is April 7, 2020. All Whitman Off-Campus Study...

4/7 8:30 am

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First Step Meeting


First Step Meeting


First Step Meeting


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