Whitman College

Whitties Helping Whitties | Seattle

Please RSVP for the event by January 4th at: www.tinyurl.com/whitrsvp

Join us for a night of conversation and connection with Whitman students, alumni and parents.

Whitties Helping Whitties is a series of events targeted at creating a professional Whitman community in key locations where we know Whitties want to reside and work. In keeping with the Whitman tradition of giving back, we invite you to share in this night of networking - share your story, meet other Whitties working in your community and inspire those about to embark on their professional adventure. You are encouraged to invite recruiters from your firm and if your business has an internship program, this is the perfect place to find an intern. We hope you will join us!

During this event, we will break into field-specific groups. When you RSVP, please select at least one area in which you are interested or have experience. Please note: groups will be determined by number of sign-ups; some groups may be combined.

Light refreshments will be provided. Bring your business cards to share and enter a drawing.

Sunday, January 6 at 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

thinkspace SEATTLE, Pacific Crest Room, 1700 Westlake Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109, Suite 200