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Humans vs. Zombies


Humans vs Zombies is essentially a week-long game of Tag. Players are divided into Humans and Zombies, where the Humans are trying to avoid being tagged by the Zombies. One game per semester. Usually, Fall is a basic game, Spring is themed.


- Red Bandana

- ID Number (on gun)

- Nerf Blaster & Ammo (optional)

- Socks (optional) 

Note: NO realistic-looking weaponry and NO blasters powerful enough to cause injury.

Signing Up:

Players can sign up for the game by filling out the Google Form linked here. If you are a new player, or if you do not want to be entered in the pool to become Original Zombie, uncheck the box. 

All players should attend one of the Information Sessions hosted by the Moderators before the game begins to pick up any equipment you need, including a bandana and nerf blaster. You can also get help signing up here and ask the Mods any questions you might have!

Starting the Game and The OZ:

All players begin as Humans, except for the randomly-selected Original Zombie (OZ). The OZ is a Zombie disguised completely as a Human; players probably will not know who the OZ is until someone witnesses a tag or attempted tag by the OZ, at which point they should inform the moderators so the OZ may be revealed to the rest of the players.


A Human may be tagged anytime they are outside a Safe Zone. Zombies may only tag Humans with a physical hand tag, no nerf guns or socks involved. If a Human is tagged, they must give their gun with ID number to the Zombie who tagged them, and place their bandana around their neck. One hour after being tagged, the player respawns as a Zombie. 

Any Zombie who performs a tag must report to the moderators ASAP. To do this, fill out the tag form detailing when and where the tag occurred, and then report to Cleveland Commons between 6-7pm where a Moderator will pick up the gun.

Safe Zones:

- Academic Buildings 

  (Maxey, Olin, Science, HJT, Hunter, Memorial, Music)

- Penrose Library, including the steps/terrace outside

- Bedrooms & Bathrooms

- Residence Halls during quiet hours

- All dining areas, including Cleve

- Classtime (ex: Sherwood isn’t a safe zone, but you are safe there if you are participating in a class)

- Reid


A Human player may stun a Zombie by shooting them with a nerf blaster, or by hitting them with a rolled-up pair of socks. The stunned Zombie must place their bandana around their neck, and cannot participate in the game for the duration of their respawn time (30 minutes is the default).

Bandana Placement:

Human = Wrist

Active Zombie = Head

Stunned Zombie/Human who is turning = Neck

Moderators wear a Green bandana. Players must wear their bandana at all times (with common sense exceptions, like formal events) and the banana must be Clearly Visible. Humans may still be tagged if they are not wearing their bandana, but Zombies may not tag anyone if they are not wearing theirs. 


Missions are held at 7:30pm on Tuesday andWednesday of the game. These missions are essentially games and puzzles which can earn rewards for the winning team. For example, Humans might win an additional Safe Zone, while Zombies might win a decreased respawn time. Participation is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged! 

Each mission works differently, but some general rules are:

-    During a mission, all buildings are off limits. If a player enters a building, it’s considered a forfeit by that player

-    There’s a safe period for the 15 minutes leading up to the mission to allow players safe passage to their team’s meeting spot as well as during the game

-    If the OZ is hidden, they play on the Human team

Final Mission and WINNING:

The Final Mission takes place on Friday evening at 4:30. It is similar to the evening missions, but longer and more in-depth (often multi-part). Any Humans who do not participate are considered lost to the Zombie horde. If the Human team wins the Final Mission, they win the game. If the Zombie team wins the Final Mission, or if no Humans participate in the Final Mission (or, jeez, if there aren’t any Humans alive to participate!) then the Zombies win the game.

The ultimate winner will be decided by a battle royale, where the zombies try to take out the remaining humans. Once there is only one human remaining, the Last Human and the Original Zombie will duel, the winner of said duel receiving the Golden Gun.

After that, there’s a pizza party!


- "I’l be gone for a few days during the game. Can I still sign up?" and "Ahh, the game already started! Can I still sign up?"

You may miss up to 48 hours of the game. This means sign-ups remain open until Tuesday at 7:30pm, and you can spend up to 2 nights out of town if necessary.

- "Can I use a modified blaster?"

Yes, if it can be fired at someone 5 ft away without causing injury (welts/bruises).

- "What if a Zombie tags a Human at the same moment the Human stuns the Zombie?"

If the tag is ambiguous, fate favors the Human player.

- "What counts as being 'inside a Safe Zone'?"

A Human is considered safe when they have both feet inside a Safe Zone.

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot a PM/email to any of the moderators, or post in message-the-mods 

Thanks for playing!

Learn more at http://whitman.presence.io/event/humans-vs-zombies

Friday, November 11, 2022 at 4:38 pm to 7:00 pm





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