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Decolonizing Activism

Decolonizing Activism


Decolonisation as theory and practice has become a central focus in discussions of anti-racist futures. Join us for a roundtable discussion of decolonization and its goals. What fault lines mark debates over the specific post- or de-colonial vision we should be fighting for?  How have activists worked towards decolonization, and how do colonial logics continue to haunt activist work itself?  And what counts as activism in a given time and place? What role does theory come to play in shaping activism and political struggles?




Özge Serin (Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics and Anthropology), “Violence and Civility in Times of Riots and Uprisings”


Lydia McDermott (Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse), “Cripping the Decolonial and Decolonizing Disability Studies, or the Universal Design of Colonizing Metaphors”


Zahi Zalloua (Professor of French and Interdisciplinary Studies), “A Transnational Plea for #MeToo”

Thursday, October 8 at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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