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Monday, October 23

Whitman College Blues Logo (for Athletics use only)

Whitman College Men's Golf Confluence Classic (Day 2) https://athletics.whitman.edu/calendar.aspx?game_id=7556&sport_id=6

Whitman College Blues Logo (for Athletics use only)

Whitman College Women's Golf Confluence Classic (Day 2) https://athletics.whitman.edu/calendar.aspx?game_id=7558&sport_id=13


A space for those who are experiencing loss and grief and who would welcome the support of others. No weekly commitment required.

Studying outdoors

How would you like to spend an entire semester living outdoors? In a course where the land and waters of the North American West are your classrooms, where...

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This event is an opportunity for Whitman students to connect over shared climate concerns and hopes. Using the "Work that Reconnects' model developed by...

Drip Drop Dance

Drip Drop is a student-led club where people come together to learn some fun choreography to some groovy music, expand their dance style knowledge, and hang...

Neurodivergent Night: Video Game Night

Bring your (portable) video game consoles and computers for a video game night! This event is open to everyone who identifies as neurodivergent. Learn more...

Open Kayak


Monday, October 23