Whitman College


Thursday, April 29

Sweet Onion Crank Climbing Competition

The Sweet Onion Crank is an annual climbing competition held each April at the Whitman College Climbing Center. This year’s event will take place from April...

Along the Columbia River: Maya Lin and the Confluence Project

The exhibition is devoted to the Confluence Project, a series of six earthworks situated at historically significant points of contact between...

The struggle that remains: Between World and International

Professor Samera Esmeir, (UC Berkeley, Rhetoric) will be giving a talk as part of the campus wide programming around Race, Health, and Violence. Sponsored...

4 pm
Virtual Event
Leverage your Strengths: StrengthsFinder Workshop

Interested in learning more about your strengths? Want to leverage your strengths into action? Focus on your positives and learn about how your individual...

DISCO Meeting

Come and join the conversation, share your experiences, or just enjoy the company of fellow Disabled students at this upcoming DISCO meeting! With community...

Thursday, April 29