Whitman College


Wednesday, April 14

Sweet Onion Crank Climbing Competition

The Sweet Onion Crank is an annual climbing competition held each April at the Whitman College Climbing Center. This year’s event will take place from April...

Button Maker Pop-Up

Need a button? Want to promote yourself or your cause or your next great idea? Drop by the Reid Campus Center patio and make your very own button - FREE!...

What You Need to Know to Serve on a Nonprofit Board Conference Call & Debrief Discussion

Engaging Communities through Nonprofit Board Service - join Shelly Rasmussen starting on April 14th for afternoon talks about how to build community...

12 pm
Virtual Event
Relational Leadership Model Workshop

Come Learn about the Relational Leadership Model: The Relational Leadership Model is dedicated to a group’s positive social development and advancement....

Craft Your Future: Cover Letters that Work

Learn how to use a position description as a template for a cover letter and how to characterize your experiences accordingly.

4:30 pm
Virtual Event

You are invited to Pause, a 20-minute study break where we take time to breathe, relax, and de-stress. Come with your camera on or off for quiet community,...

8:30 pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, April 14