Whitman College


Monday, October 18

Geology Senior Seminar on Careers in Climate Science

What draws a physicist specializing in quantum optics to develop a course in The Science of the Anthropocene? Climate change. Physicist Robert Davies will...

Master Class with the Fry Street Quartet

Featuring two Whitman Chamber Music ensembles: Bethany Hermann, violin Elsa Batten, viola Jan Roberts,...

Leverage your Strengths: StrengthsFinder Workshop

Interested in learning more about your strengths? Want to leverage your strengths into action? Focus on your positives and learn about how your individual...

A man in a suit jacket, gesturing with open hands as he speaks, next to a seated string quartet playing their instruments. In the background, a large colorful projection of a painting that evokes a satellite map

Fry String Quartet Rob Davies, physicist Laura Kaminsky, composer Rising Tide unfolds in a series of vignettes exploring the natural world from which we...

7:30 pm
Cordiner Hall
Stream Available

Monday, October 18