Whitman College


Tuesday, October 6

Reclaiming a Sense of Common Humanity: An Ethical Vision of Classical Confucianism for Today's World

This talk will demonstrate how the moral sentiment of a common humanity should and can be reclaimed, or in the Confucian term, cultivated through engaging...

2:30 pm
Virtual Event
Trauma, adversity and the epigenome: Looking within and between generations in two African ancestry populations

Exposure to trauma is unfortunately quite common, with over 70% of adults reporting an experience of trauma globally. Despite the high prevalence of trauma,...

4 pm
Virtual Event
America's Best College Poet Champ Camp

You are invited to ... CHAMP CAMP a full week of poetry and performance workshops put on by celebrity judges; Ashlee Haze - Seen on NPR's Tiny Desk...

5 pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 6