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Off-Campus Studies at Whitman College aims to develop in its students intercultural skills and global understanding for a lifetime of leadership.

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AKP FY 2016-17 and Spring 2017 Oxford - Application Deadline

AKP FY 2016-17 and Spring 2017 Oxford -... 12/11 8:30 am

Off-Campus Studies

Whitman Deadlines - Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) 2016-17 Full Year and Spring 2017 IFSA Butler Oxford

Study Abroad Predeparture Orientation

Study Abroad Predeparture Orientation 12/12 12:30 pm

Off-Campus Studies

Spring 2016 study abroad participants will attend this mandatory Pre-departure Orientation. During the orientation we discuss health and safety, academics...

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First Step Meeting 11/16/2015

First Step Meeting 11/10/2015

First Step Meeting 11/5/2015

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