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Off-Campus Studies at Whitman College aims to develop in its students intercultural skills and global understanding for a lifetime of leadership.

Upcoming Events

New Student OCS Informational Meeting

New Student OCS Informational Meeting 9/3 4:00 pm

Off-Campus Studies

All first-year and transfer students should attend this informative meeting about the wide range of off-campus study opportunities in foreign countries and...

OCS Application Deadline

OCS Application Deadline 9/10 8:30 am

Off-Campus Studies

Students who are planning to participate on a Spring 2016 study abroad program including Sea Semester or National Theatre Institute must have Whitman...

Welcome Back OCS Dinner

Welcome Back OCS Dinner 9/16 5:00 pm

Off-Campus Studies

Welcome Back to Whitman Mexican Fiesta for returning Spring 2015 OCS participants hosted by the OCS Office. What a great opportunity to enjoy some great...

Transitioning Back to Whitman Luncheon I

Transitioning Back to Whitman Luncheon I 9/22 12:00 pm

Off-Campus Studies

Senior year - starting off with a significant transition from studying off campus. A shift that is often thought of as straightforward can be a bit more...

Off-Campus Studies Fair

Off-Campus Studies Fair 10/26 4:00 pm

Off-Campus Studies

The Annual Off-Campus Studies Fair takes place in Reid's Ballroom. We have program admission reps come from all over the country to meet with Whitman...

Recent Events

OCS Open House 8/28/2015

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