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Carlos Vargas-Salgado, "Coloniality at the (Global) Museum"

Lecture by Assistant Professor of Spanish Carlos Vargas-Salgado, "Coloniality at the (Global) Museum: The Couple in the Cage by C. Fusco and Gómez Peña."

The Great Pacific Northwest Flood of 1996

The 20th century saw three particularly large floods on Mill Creek and surrounding rivers. The peak discharge occurred on February 9, 1996. Cold weather...

Songs for the Heart of Hearing

If listening is, ultimately, a form of touch, what happens when we allow ourselves to be acted on by sound? Moving from the ineffable dimensions of the...

Dessert Night in Reid!

Dessert Night in Reid! Open to the Walla Walla and Whitman Community! Bring your friends and housemates to Dessert Night in Cafe '66. Gluten Free options...

Baseball vs  Saint Martin's University

Baseball vs Saint Martin's University http://athletics.whitman.edu/calendar.aspx?id=2650

Baseball vs  Saint Martin's University

Baseball vs Saint Martin's University http://athletics.whitman.edu/calendar.aspx?id=2651

Healthy Communities: Immigrants, Charity, and Paternalism in Buenos Aires, 1880-1955

In 1920, seven immigrant-run hospitals formed a fundamental part of the health network of Buenos Aires. The Italian, Spanish, British, German, French,...

Visiting Writers Reading Series-Rick Barot

Rick Barot was born in the Philippines, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and attended Wesleyan University and The Writers’ Workshop at the University...

Women's Tennis vs  Trinity-Texas

Women's Tennis vs Trinity-Texas http://athletics.whitman.edu/calendar.aspx?id=2710

Fridays at Four Lecture Recital with Rachel Riddle, piano

Whitman College Fridays at Four Recital Series Presents Marion Bauer's Six Preludes: Lecture-recital with Rachel Riddle